Papa John’s is apologizing after an employee typed a racial slur on an Asian-American customer’s receipt at one of its restaurants in New York City.

Minhee Cho posted an image of the receipt on Twitter, which called her “lady chinky eyes.”

“Hey @PapaJohns me name no ‘lady chinky eyes,'” Cho tweeted.

After several others tweeted complaints to Papa John’s, the pizza chain responded with its own tweet. “We are really upset about this. The responsible employee has been canned and a cash gift was presented to the victim.”

At that very moment, “@PapaJohns” exploded on Twitter with more incidences of discrimination.

“@PapaJohns, how dare you call me ‘spear chucker!’,” tweeted Leonard Washington moments before he competed in an indoor javelin event.

“Yo @PapaJohns, don’t you be calling me ‘ho’! I got your ‘ho’ right here!” exclaimed professional escort, Sheila Bunny.

And @DR_Esperanza_Consuelos tweeted, “@PapaJohns, I think your employee mistook me as Dominican, cuz he called me ‘cigar roller’. I’m Cuban, yo.”

With Papa John’s setting the precedent, maybe now is a better time than ever to mention the indiscretion KFC had against me a while back…


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