So I’ve been doing this webcomic thing for about 6 months now. I’ve made some good ones, and I’ve definitely made some bad ones, but the one fact that can’t be argued is that I made over 48 of them (because math cannot be disputed).

On Friday, Sept 30th, I will be celebrating my 50th comic. How will I be celebrating? Sleepover! Anyways, the comic itself won’t be anything out of the ordinary, but the number 50 was a milestone I was hoping to reach when I started this venture. I figured that after 50 comics, I would have a good gauge as to whether I can keep the funny coming or not. I think I’ve done that so far, and my tank doesn’t feel empty yet.

So to invest a little in myself, I’m taking M4DH on the road, to WEBCOMICSCON!!!! Okay, you may not have heard of it, but that’s because this year’s convention is its first.

Not only is the timing good for me, but I felt that this was a good place to exhibit Milk for Dead Hamsters for the first time. The people who are buying tickets are there for one reason: webcomics (duh). It may not be a large crowd (actually, I have no idea how large it will be), but the people who are there will be interested in only comics. When I attended ConnectiCon, I noticed that only a small percentage of people were there for webcomics despite the presence of fairly big names (Cyanide and Happiness, Dr. McNinja, Hijinks Ensue…). The rest, the majority, were there for video games, board games, anime, and other geeky things.

And one big bonus for me is that it’s in Norwalk, CT – only 40 miles from my house!

So this is my official announcement to all of yous and I hope to see you there! If you stop by my table, I will reward you with a) a greeting, b) a firm, but not too firm, hand-shake, c) a bookmark, and d) the opportunity to buy T-shirts. If you buy one, you will look as hunky as the guy in the picture. Or if you’re a woman, you’ll lay with hunky guys because of this shirt.

High fives,



4 thoughts on “Milk for Dead Hamsters at WebcomicsCon (prelude)

  1. Congrats in advance for the 50th comic :)

  2. Robert Francisco says:

    I’m in Iowa and can’t make this convention. Are you going to sell those T-shirts online?

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