Apollo 18
The 18th installment of this Rocky spin-off has Creed returning to the moon for one final bout with Drago. But the Nazi super-robots* return and have other plans for Apollo.

Shark Night 3D
I misread the title at the theater and thought I was going to see a movie about a Shark Knight. Turns out a story about 7 teenagers who keep going back in the water even after the first shark attack is waaaay more believable.

The working title was Outbreak: Here We Go Again!

Straw Dogs
A bunch of rednecks try to rape his wife, yet Cyclops still refuses to use his powers against them. This is why Cyclops, nor James Marsden, will never be anyone’s favorite hero.

~Sigh~ If only real boxing was as awesome as movie boxing.**

I Don’t Know How She Does It
Well, I’ll tell you. She has a really great body. And that’s how she gets roles despite her increasingly bad butter-face.


Insert your alien probe joke here.

Dolphin Tale
Somebody told me this movie is about a dolphin without a tale. Sounds like a pretty boring dolphin to write a movie about.

That’s about right.

What’s Your Number?
For your movie, Anna Faris? Zero.

*from Apollo 6: Eye of the Tigris
**leading to 100% more head injuries and death


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