In May, I drew the unpleasant-to-some comic entitled “The Food Cycle.” As with any poop joke, some liked it and others felt they were too high-browed to laugh. The idea behind the comic was that veggie burgers taste horrible, and thus, are probably comprised of human excrement.  I received many comments about how inappropriate I was and was also told by many non-meat-eaters how delicious veggie burgers can be. So whatever.

Well, it turns out that I may not have been so inappropriate. I first saw this story on Digg last Thursday, and was then informed by some other readers too.  Scientist Mitsuyuki Ikeda has developed a means for extracting healthy proteins in lipids out of our waste that can be used to make meatless patties. It looks like crazy ol’ Japan is actually trying to force this shit down our throats (hee hee).

Ikeda’s process begins by extracting protein and lipids from the “mud.” The lipids are then combined with a reaction enhancer, then whipped into “meat” in an exploder. Ikeda then makes the poop more savory, by adding soya and steak sauce.

Mmmmm. nummy. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into one.

I would love to claim I’m a prophet and I predicted this a month ago, but I’m sure this guy has been researching shit-burgers for a long time. Unfortunately, if this product becomes at all popular, “The Food Cycle” will be remembered, if at all, as a slice-of-life story instead of its original intent of criticizing veggie burgers. But I’m sure once Ikeda’s patties start selling, veggie burgers are going to taste a whole lot better to many more people everyone anyone.




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