I posted this pic on Google+ and it turned into a giant exercise in pun production. If you’ve got a great tree-related play-on-words, leave it in the comments below.


37 thoughts on “Pun Fun #1

  1. Rory Molyneux says:

    Fir real?

  2. Patrick Mallon says:

    If you ash me to, I will.

  3. Rory Molyneux says:


  4. Patrick Mallon says:

    I think a strong wind maple this tree apart.

  5. Tyler Deel says:

    man, bad puns like this aren’t very poplar.

  6. Blaine Stuart says:

    Wood you just let us have our fun? Don’t be a beech.

  7. Tyler Deel says:

    You’d have to be nutty to think that I’d ever do that.

  8. Rickey Gower says:

    You think a dogwood still piss on it?

  9. Blaine Stuart says:

    Yew had to go there.

  10. Tyler Deel says:

    I think we all might be pining for this to end.

  11. Blaine Stuart says:

    Really? I think someone should spruce this up a little and frame it.

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