For those of you who were following my posts on Google+ on Saturday, you may have noticed that I stopped posting things around 5pm. That’s because I got the hell out of there and didn’t come back on Sunday*. The show far did not meet expectations (to be diplomatic). To be undiplomatic, is was a shit-show. I don’t know how this Con was advertised, but whatever they did, they did it poorly. My count for the day was 30 people (compared to the 40+ artists attending). I spent most of the day talking to other Webcomickers.

Now don’t get me wrong, discussing the trade with other artists was fun and educational. I got to see how other people display their work and how they promote their comic. Not being busy made everybody very accessible to have a conversation with. But I felt like I wasted my entire Saturday sitting at the booth hardly anyone visited. I was really looking forward to selling people on Milk for Dead Hamsters. I think I recruited a few readers with the 10 or so that stopped by my table (and I possibly frightened the rest), but I wish I had the chance to meet more.

The highlight of the event** was watching other Webcomickers do their thing on the canvases. There were some brilliant artists in the room and I loved watching them draw. They make my shaky-hand doodles look like piles of vomit.

So maybe this Con needs to get a pass because it was its first (perhaps last?) year. But if they do this again next year, and I express interest in going, please direct me back to this post as a reminder to stay nowhere near the event. In the very least, I’m going to demand to see x number of pre-registrants before setting up a booth.




*went pumpkin picking instead

**besides the Wi-fi that allowed me to watch College Football and MLB throughout the day


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