Joe Paterno was the long-time face of Penn State and college football as a whole. But recent events have the university and everyone associated with the man running for the Nittany hills.

Here are the facts. His assistant, Jerry Sandusky, raped at least two boys in the Penn State locker rooms over the course of several years running a foundation for under-priviledged children. Information about this became privy to Paterno, but he did nothing more than pass the buck to a supervisor.

Child predators are evil, but so are people who allow what they do to happen. Joe Paterno should not have turned his head at such vile acts.

Sorry, Steve, but this is a true scumbag.




2 thoughts on “Scumbag JoePa

  1. Bro says:

    Are you fuckin retarted? He told the chief of police. Get your facts straight.

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