4 thoughts on “And The Oscar Goes To…

  1. Pat says:

    Something horrible happened to me last night. I accidentally deleted all the source files for my comics stored on my hard drive. I’m a fucking idiot! The 72dpi images are all online, but the PSD’s, original scans and the 300dpi images that I was saving for future publishing endeavors – gone. FML.

    So, FYI, this might put a damper on me updating on Tuesday as usual.

    “< ./.bitching and moaning.>”

    • Syberz says:

      Your files might not be lost, as long as you didn’t add/create or install anything else, they might still be recoverable. I’ve recovered files before using this application but it’s Windows only (I’m sure there’s a Mac equivalent if that’s what you’re running).


      • Pat says:

        Thanks for the tip, Syberz. Unfortunately I used my computer extensively since the incident. I was able to recover about 1/3 of the stuff that wasn’t backed up already. It wasn’t a TOTAL loss. Just highly annoying and depressing.

        • Luciano says:

          Hey Pat,

          You should look into getting a Dropbox account. It stores all your stuff online and you can access it via ANY computer & has an app for phones & tablets.

          Once on your computer it acts no different than any other folder so you can drag, add, edit, etc.. just as if you were using your computer.

          Just a tip for avoiding things like this in the future.

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