8 thoughts on “Being Made One’s Bitch

  1. Pat says:

    I’ve been using project wonderful to advertise lately (you may have noticed a new PW-friendly theme).

    I just want to say ‘hello’ to everyone who’s stopping by and reading the comics.


  2. micromachine says:

    huhuh… he just made you his bitch.

  3. micromachine says:

    there is no way a street thug could possibly preform this surgery with in several hours.

    • Dr. Roberts says:

      What?! Doctors can’t get tough with people? A lot of us work out and look like gigantor up there. We’re rich! We have the time and money to build our physiques. Just because we wear street clothes, doesn’t mean we are street thugs.

      Now I am going to make you MY bitch. Nurse, scalpel!

  4. danni says:

    I suppose that is just a tad too literal

  5. eddy_h says:

    “God damn it, internet” advisory: There’s actually a slashfic out there that works much along these lines, except the big guy does get his way… :-/

    I could have done without seeing that.

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