he·ro   noun   ˈhir-(ˌ)ō
1. one who shows great courage
2. what New Yorkers call their sandwiches
3. Charles Bronson


7 thoughts on “Hero Sandwich

  1. ha ha ha ha I really like this one

  2. Mike Thompson says:

    Can we discuss the levels of wrongness going on here?

  3. Aversiera says:

    white bread, mayo and turkey sandwich? I’m offended there is nothing colorful in this

  4. Sam Skye says:

    But wait.
    Where’s the Marine?
    There’s gotta be a Marine, Air Force, Navy, and Army for a real American Hero sandwich.

  5. JOSHI the Drako says:


  6. Navy Bean says:

    Because the Marines are just a division of the Navy.

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