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   If you were looking for today’s Killbasa comic, you’ll have to wait. Today is dedicated to one of the biggest issues on the table right now in Washington. We’ve got two parties, two branches of government, all who use the media as their messenger. Negotiations are done through electronic channels or the press and it needs to stop. The practice severs this country in to two very remote halves. Why can’t these guys congregate, put their issues out on the table, and leave the press out? Other than the many furloughed workers, the worse part of this shutdown is the embarrassment that it’s bringing upon this country. We are being painted as a bunch of finger-pointing irresponsibles.

   Please, lawmakers, we don’t need to know who’s fault it is, who is responsible, or who should be left with the bill. It just needs resolution (and not a can-kick to a later date). The less time spent on blaming the other side, the more time you’ll have to listen to what that side has to say. And when you communicate, you can negotiate. And when you negotiate, you can resolve.

More silliness tomorrow.

High Fives,


2 thoughts on “Mediating Squabbles

  1. Ths isn’t a bipartisan disagreement. This is the Republican Party refusing to pay the bills in order gain concessions for their rich contributors. That, and damaging the U.S. economy merely to put a stain on the Obama administration.

    Repeal Citizens United. Now.

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