8 thoughts on “Not Beary Honey

  1. That’ll teach you…..BEAR!

  2. Pastorcomics says:


  3. notit says:

    Actually bears eat honey quite regularly and their thick fur, thick hide, and general toughness let them handle the stinging nastiness.

    They especially go after the larvae, which are rich in protein and kept in the same general area as the honey.

    Man, people need to watch more nature documentaries, so many interesting things.

    • Pat says:

      I tried not to be explicit about this, but there is a notable absence of honey in that hive. I tried my best to show this as a hornet nest. He’s just a dumb bear looking for honey in all the wrong places.

  4. SAI says:

    The expression on the Bears face thinking about Pooh has had me laughing for days, bro.

  5. tahrey says:

    How very Perry Bible Fellowship … but with a rather different outcome.

  6. Andressa says:

    Nov028D is that a problem?i LOVE etiang with just salt well chicken salt on some occasions unless im etiang it WITH chicken or fishketchup: red.. qooey squishy, mushy mayo: white, starngely . unnatural fishy i also prefer etiang sandwiches and hot dogs/sausage sizzles without sauce i honestly thing sauce is just this gooey strange liquid with flavour which is unnatural to me if it is not flowy and fruit flavoured o.o yes i am strange . yes this includes gravy and tartar sauce XDthe only sauce i would eat: flowy and tasty:soy sauce, oyster sauce lolwhich seems naturally coloured and not gooey and sticky . lol im so picky

  7. J’adore!!!!!!!!!!!!!! j’adore!c’est une superbe idée, ca va permettre de faire de jolies découvertes!je me rappelle aussi du gateau roulé sous les aisselles pour le pere noel est une ordure ^^

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