15 thoughts on “Three Wishes

  1. Peter says:

    If I had 3 wishes, I would wish for a light saber, the ability to time travel, and a sex slave in the likeness of Justine Bateman.

  2. Grunks says:

    I would wish for a pteradactyl, pteradactyl food, and pteradactyl seasoning. (I always wanted to eat a pteradactyl.

    Summary: Pteradactyl.

  3. Mako Fufu says:

    Cool comics! I´m subscribing to your RSS ^_^

  4. Epic…

    Now we also need a share in Google+ button ;-)

  5. Dr.Hilarity says:

    To be fair, he didn’t say “I wish for a sandwich”. So it didn’t count.

  6. I guess that djinns must have #1 on top worst jobs ever. :)

  7. Bross92 says:

    You randomly added me on Google Plus. I wasn’t sure who the hell you were, possibly another crappy webcomic artist who is desperate to join the pack. But this comic officially proves to me that you, good sir, are a fucking genius.

  8. Tim D. says:

    Well done my friend well done

  9. Joe says:

    If I were to have three wishes…
    1. Able to speak all human and animal tongues.
    2. Druidic powers!
    3. The power to build any technological item with extreme ease.

  10. Belgianidiot says:

    I’d wish for:
    1. Being able to do anything if seen once.
    2. The ability to morph into what I want.
    3. A pet dragon or some shiz like that. :D

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