5 thoughts on “Watson

  1. Pat says:

    This was actually one of the very early comics I ever did. I had it buried for awhile and then I said, “What the fuck? Let’s be lazy and unleash this bitch!”

    So I threw a scribble frame on the bastard and polished it up a bit. I hope you enjoy it, because you may also learn something.

  2. Daniel Pike says:

    These are the greatest comics ever invented. I’m going to go to bed and laugh myself to sleep.

  3. History Guru says:

    And, clearly, that was written in response to a comment on a totally different comic that somehow go redirected here. WTF, mate?

  4. Pat says:

    Thanks, HG. That was informative and delightfully irrelevant.

  5. History Guru says:

    History Lesson! Christopher Columbus never set a foot in the lands that are now The USA. The Genovesi explorer travelled to various parts of the Caribbean and, later, Central America, but he never made it to mainland North America. The first European explorer to make it to North America was in fact Leif Ericson, a Nordic explorer who discovered what he called “Vinland” about 500 years earlier.

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