15 thoughts on “Wrong Way

  1. Nate Dudek says:

    Hahahahaha….. oh man…. I’m dying over here.

  2. this here made me lol’z.

  3. Pastorcomics says:

    one of the BEST!

  4. OMG says:

    “We must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque.” LOL~ Bugs Bunny Classic-All-The-Time phrase,nice!

  5. Paul H! says:

    I’m gagging. :-(

  6. Paul H! says:

    I’m gagging. :-(

  7. Adelene A. says:

    LEWL!!! I’m dying in laugh!!! ROFL!!!

  8. big-nate says:

    love it do one with girls oh yess in the butt

    it will take forever

  9. You never know these days, this could totally end up Mpreg. O.O

  10. Stuid says:

    What the ____

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