Happy Killbasa-fest, everybody!

I’ve never done anything quite like this before. Every weekday for this month of October, Milk for Dead Hamsters will be taken over by Killbasa. Over 20 new comics between now and Halloween will fill your Facebook, RSS, or Twitter feeds whether you like it or not (assuming you don’t unsubscribe).

To summarize, Killbasa is a 6-foot sausage superhero from Poland. He tried to stop Hitler’s army, but got squashed. The Nazis tried to turn him against the Allies, but that plot failed. Just when he signed up to fight alongside America, the war ended. Now this hulking hunk of smoked meat must face everyday life like the rest of us joes. So basically, it’s your typical superhero origin.

I hope you enjoy the ride. It’s been fun making comics again. Maybe this little project will take off in November and beyond!


2 thoughts on “Killbasa Has a Problem with Authority

  1. Janit says:

    Haha. I used to hear that same “fact” about stop signs being optional if they had a white border. I thought it was just a thing with dimwits in our town. Guess dimwits everywhere are victim to the rumor.

  2. Mr. Rogers says:

    look both ways!

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